Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to questions you might want to ask. We have collected some of the questions that were frequently asked by other customers. If you don't an answer here, then call us on (254) 0716100200 or (254) 0702100400. You can email as well

Mawingu is a fixed, wireless, Internet access provider giving you access to affordable Internet in specific hotspots (WiFi Zones) specifically in rural areas around Kenya where there is poor infrastructure. Mawingu’s open technology enables customers’ access data from one location to another where Mawingu WiFi is available. Currently Mawingu is offering unlimited Internet on a weekly and monthly basis at affordable prices.
A hotspot is a specific area where you can connect your WiFi enabled device to the Internet. Customers can enjoy Internet by visiting these hotspots, using a one-time login.
To access Internet using Mawingu WiFi, you need to have WiFi enabled on your device. Once you visit a hotspot and select to access Internet from your device, a login page will automatically be displayed. Use your email address and password that you set while registering to start enjoying our Internet services.
There are four bundle plans available that you can subscribe to. You can choose to subscribe to the 300MB @ Ksh 50, 500MB @ Ksh 100, 2GB @ Ksh 300 or 8GB @ Ksh 1,000.
Mawingu has several hotspots in and around the environs of Laikipia and Meru Counties and we have plans to roll out to other counties. Once you sign up to Mawingu WiFi, you can connect your WiFi enabled device at any Mawingu WiFi zone.
Please visit to find a comprehensive list of the townships and areas that Mawingu WiFi is present.
Your access to the world has no limits Research for school or university projects online via Internet Explorer or Google. Get social on Facebook and Twitter. Stay connected by getting an email account from Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail. Access government websites such as those of KRA or E-citizen. Watch movies on YouTube or listen to your favourite tunes. Chat with friends and family, both near and far on WhatsApp. Watch podcasts on online business forums and see how you can improve and grow your business or find new ideas on how to start a business. You can download music or pictures and much more.
No. You can only subscribe to one device at a time using your subscription.
Browsing on the Internet is not unlimited. There is a cap on usage based on the bundle you have subscribed to. Capping prevents misuse of bandwidth and enforces a fair use policy amongst all our customers so that you can enjoy a reliable Internet experience. You have access to the Internet up to the data limits specified in the bundles. Chwani bundle – 300 MB, Pepea bundle – 500MB, Thamani bundle – 2GB or Akiba bundle – 8GB. For further information on capping and usage, please see our terms and conditions?
Please visit your nearest Mawingu Merchant to purchase a new bundle or renew your existing bundle. You can also pay via Mpesa, see instructions below.
All bundles are valid for 90 days, allowing for plenty of time to use the data. After this period, the subscription and any remaining data will expire.
Should you have a problem please call us on 0716 100 200 or send us an email to explaining the nature of your problem.
In order for you to start using Mawingu WiFi you have to first be in a Mawingu WiFi Zone and then follow the steps below. If you have a WiFi enabled or smart phone device, you need to first enable your WiFi by going through your phone menu and selecting WiFi. You will see this symbol on your device being activated. Open the Mawingu WiFi and it will redirect you to the Mawingu splash page. You need to have an active email address, if you do not have one you will be assisted to create one. The splashpage will provide the following fields. If you already have a Mawingu account, fill in the email address and password, then click sign in. By doing this, you will automatically be connected to Mawingu WiFi. If you are a new member, click on the “create account” option and fill in the fields as below and then click “create account” For the payment of your subscription, you should visit your nearest Mawingu Merchant or pay via Mpesa as shown below. If you decide to pay cash, just hand over the subscription amount to the agent to get activated. If you prefer to pay via MPESA, use the following simple steps:- Go to the MPESA menu on your mobile phone, Select Lipa na MPESA Select Pay Bill Enter business number as 579950 Enter account number as your mobile number Enter the amount you wish to pay and confirm After the successful creation of your account and payment, you can now sign in using the created log in credentials to access the Mawingu WiFi. Who should I contact if I have a problem accessing the service? There is both telephone and email support available during business hours on +254 716 100 200. Alternatively, you can email us on