Hotspot Wi-fi

Mawingu WiFi enables you to get online from one Mawingu hotspot to the next seamlessly, using a one-time login. A hotspot is a specific area where you can connect your WiFi enabled device to the Internet. There are over 400 hotspots across Nyeri, Laikipia and Meru counties.

With every hotspot, there is a Mawingu Merchant available to help you get online efficiently. Visit the Hotspot location or click here to identify YOUR nearest Merchant. There are four Mawingu bundles to choose from as seen below.

All bundles are valid for up to 90 days.

Getting started is Easy!

  • 1) Visit your nearest Mawingu Merchant. Click here for the list of Merchants.
  • 2) Connect to Mawingu WiFi on your Internet enabled device.
  • 3) Choose the best low-cost bundle to suit you from the options above.
  • 4) The Merchant will register it for you. You will receive an access code, which you must use to get online. Please ensure you save this code for future top-ups.
  • 5) Pay the Merchant and SURF AWAY!
Not sure what bundle is best of you? Click here for some guidance

Home and Business WiFI

Mawingu operates as a private Internet Service Provider (IPS), delivering secure, broadband standard high-speed Internet to homes and businesses. These are located both within built-up areas and more commonly in remote areas serving farms, ranches, remote factories, NGO’s and private homes.

Home and Business bundles range from 1MBPS up to 10MBPS for commercial use, although the capability reaches up to 34MBPS, which is available on request.

The packages and pricing are as follows:


Internet speeds of up to 10 mbps for Ksh. 17,999 per month

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7.5 MBPS

Internet speeds of up to 7.5 mbps for Ksh. 13,999 per month

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Internet speeds of up to 5 mbps for Ksh. 9,999 per month

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Internet speeds of up to 3 mbps for Ksh. 6,999 per month

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Internet speeds of up to 2 mbps for Ksh. 4,999 per month

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