What is Mawingu WiFi?

Mawingu is a fixed, wireless, Internet access provider giving you access to affordable Internet in specific hotspots (WiFi Zones) specifically in rural areas around Kenya where there is poor infrastructure.

Mawingu’s open technology enables customers’ access data from one location to another where Mawingu WiFi is available. Currently Mawingu is offering unlimited Internet on a weekly and monthly basis at affordable prices.

How can I become a merchant for Mawingu WiFi?

If you’d like to become a merchant for Mawingu WiFi please contact us during business hours on customercare@mawingunetworks.com or call us on 0716 100 200 and we shall make arrangements to evaluate your area for installation and give advice on how to become a merchant and the benefits.

What do I get if I become a Mawingu WiFi Merchant?

Once you become a Mawingu WiFi merchant we don’t charge you for the equipment that we install. We only require you to sign an agreement that guarantees us that you will take care of our equipment.

What are the benefits for a merchant of Mawingu WiFi?

–  Commissions at 10% of both registration or renewal of the subscription amount by the customer.

–  Increased traffic because of the hotspot means increased customers to your  business, which in turn means increased business for you.

Who should I contact if I have a problem accessing the service or if there is a problem with the device?

We give you full technical support for our equipment and will always ensure that we have reliable services on our network. For all queries please feel free to reach us on customercare@mawingunetworks.com or call us on 0716 100 200.

*Fair usage policy applies